We at Karkhanis Superspeciality Hospital, strive to empower our patients with the knowledge of diabetes and what it does to the body.

The Centre For Comprehensive Diabetes Care is a state-of-the- art facility for complete Diabetes Management. The Karkhanis Super Specialty Hospital -measuring about 6000 sq.ft - is situated in the sprawling Soham Gardens Complex, Thane west. The centre is situated about 20 minutes from downtown Thane (Thane Station), and a 30 - 45 minutes drive from the western suburbs of Mumbai with facilities for car parking and lift access. The Centre For Comprehensive Diabetes Care caters to all procedures involving the complications of diabetes with facilities for blood testing, feet evaluation, eye check up with retinal examination and body fat analysis. We have two, well-equipped exclusive operation theatres major and minor procedures. read more...>>>

Our services include:

  1. Complete Diabetes Care
  2. Foot care
  3. Eye Care including retinopathy, cataract, glaucoma detection and treatment.
  4. Corneal transplantation
  5. LASIK & refractive surgery
  6. Pathology
  7. Fat  analysis

 To know more about Ophthal facilities (Eye care) please visit : www.karkhanis-eye.com