Being Extra Active Every Day increases the number of calories burnt.

Please check with your physician before initiating any exercise regime. The ways to be extra active include

  • Walk while on the phone

  • Play with kids

  • walk your dog or walk to a store

  • Change TV channel manually

  • Clean the house

  • Wash your car

  • Park the car at far end of shopping center

  • Walk around the office  instead of using the phone

  • Walking/ Jogging

  • Dancing

  • Bicycle ride

  • Sports –Swimming, volleyball, throw ball, tennis, Martial Arts – kick boxing, karate,

  • Aerobics

    Guidelines for Physical Activity

    Check with your doctor before you start a new physical activity programmed. Your health care team can help you decide the best time of day for you to exercise.
    Check your medications - whether you should change the amount you take before you exercise. If you have heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems, or foot problems, ask which types of physical activity are safe for you.
    Keep track of your physical activity:
    Keep a record of when you exercise, how many calories you burnt and for how long you exercise.
    Decide exactly what you'll do and set some goals.
    Choose the type of physical activity you want to do.
    Start slow and the gradually increase the length of each session
    plan for your warm up and cool down  for each session